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Wisconsin landlord insurance companies offer a wide range of coverage options for your rental property. We partner with trusted carriers in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Appleton and many more cities in WI to provide landlord insurance quote comparisons. By working with the best companies we are able to help landlords find a policy that fits their needs and monthly budget too. Make sure you have the right type of home insurance if you rent your house to others, a standard homeowners policy will not cover you as a landlord.

Landlord Insurance Quotes in WI

The fastest and easiest way to get the best landlord protection at the cheapest cost is to shop around for rates. We work with leading insurance companies in your city to provide a simple yet secure way to compare multiple insurance quotes online. Spend the next 5 minutes completing our secure application and get Wisconsin landlord insurance quotes from the most trusted carriers.

Perils Covered by Landlord Insurance

Wisconsin weather can cause massive damage to your home but there are other perils which lead to costly repairs. A peril is simply a cause of damage which could include:

  • Vandalism
  • Water pipe bursting
  • Theft
  • Smoke
  • Hail
  • Wind
  • Landlord liability
  • Loss of rents

Cost of Landlord Insurance in Wisconsin

The cost to insure your rental property in WI is dependent upon numerous rating factors that home insurance companies use to determine the proper premium. When you own a condo or townhouse the cost of landlord insurance is very minimal because usually you split that cost with the homeowners association which insurers the exterior of your unit. If you insure a single family home or rental complex then your insurance costs are going to be much higher due to the replacement cost of the building is solely your responsibility.

Here are a few of the most common rating factors that insurance companies use to determine your landlord insurance premium:

  • Credit rating - This is your personal credit rating which is similar to a FICO score but can be based on other specific criteria such as payment history and bankruptcy.
  • Deductible - The higher the deductible the lower the cost of insurance. Don't get a deductible you can't afford if you need to file a claim. The most common deductible is $1000 for all perils.
  • Building type - This can be numerous things including condo, single family, and townhouse including the materials used to construct the property.
  • Claim history - If you have one or more claims in the past 3 years as a homeowner most insurance companies will surcharge your premium. Some companies may not even accept your business if you have more than two.
  • Discounts - If you have more business with an insurance carrier they are more likely to offer discounts to keep all of your business with them.

Wisconsin's 5 largest cities by population

City - Population

Milwaukee 594,833

Madison 233,209

Green Bay 104,057

Kenosha 99,218

Racine 78,860

*Data from 2010 Census Population by the Department of Economic and Community Development.

Common Landlord Insurance Claims in WI (Wisconsin)

(Most claims cost over $2,300 to repair wind damage)

(Most claims cost over $29,000 to repair damages from fire)

(Most claims cost over $5,100 to repair damage from hail)

Dog Bite Liability
(Most claims cost over $32,000 to recoup liability damages)

Slip and Fall Liability
(Most claims cost over $8,000 to recoup liability damages)

NOTICE: The amounts listed above are for illustrative purposes only and should not be used to decide what coverage limits you need for your landlord policy. Speak with your insurance agent to determine the proper coverage limits.

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